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Your network is expanding – how do you secure it?

How do you keep your network secure whilst supporting remote working? It’s in the cloud. It’s inside your users’ smartphones. And especially now, your corporate network is in people’s homes.

Network security for the new way of working.

How do you keep your network secure whilst supporting remote working? Every organisation, that is facing up to the challenges of the new way of working, is finding that their network is rapidly expanding. It’s in the cloud. It’s inside your users’ smartphones. And especially now, your corporate network is in people’s homes.

Security teams have to monitor various areas of their network and cloud infrastructure, remote users and endpoints, and applications running everywhere in order to remain secure. And as soon as new technology is developed or widely used, attackers find ways to take advantage of it – making security vigilance even more critical.

network security

In the recent 2020 CISO Benchmark Study, security professionals were asked which areas of their environment they find most challenging to defend. According to the study:

While the moves to mobile and cloud seem to pose the biggest challenges, the data shows that the rest of your security concerns haven’t gone away either.

So how do you secure your network.

How do you protect some of the newer technologies that have become part of your environment while still paying attention to things like your traditional data centre and network infrastructure to make sure they are not breached? And how do you do this amidst unprecedented remote worker hurdles and a dramatic shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals?

It is a simple fact that many small and medium-sized businesses do not have adequate network security. This is why Unifi have developed Unifi Protect, which is designed to make sure they do. We take away the complexity of designing a security strategy that will protect your business from the harm a security breach will cause your business.

Unifi Collaborate, Connect, Protect video.


In order for security to work, it has to work across all the devices your employees are using. Cisco’s endpoint security combines a variety of security technologies to make sure your users’ mobile devices are protected, and in turn, do not compromise the corporate network. For example, Cisco AnyConnect and Cisco Duo enable users to securely access your network or applications using managed or unmanaged, mobile or traditional devices. And Cisco Umbrella and Cisco AMP for Endpoints defend these devices against threats from the first line to the last line of defence.

Unifi Protect helps organisations address the recent rise in remote and mobile workers. The intent is to better enable IT and security teams to quickly provision remote workers without sacrificing cybersecurity. The offering includes free trials to help alleviate today’s tremendous IT and security demands.


Cisco’s cloud security protects your assets and data in the cloud from multiple angles. It helps secure private, public, and hybrid clouds to facilitate your transition to a multi-cloud environment. With Cisco’s cloud edge security, you can:

1) secure cloud access,

2) protect cloud users, data, and applications

3) extend in-depth visibility and threat detection into the cloud.

cloud security


Perhaps the trickiest area to summarise is network security due to the ever-expanding components that make up today’s “network.” You need a next-generation firewall that can keep up with your expanding infrastructure and sophisticated attackers. You need a way for authorised users to securely connect to the network. And once they’re logged in, you need multiple layers of protection to prevent them from abusing their privileges or being compromised by malware.

Unifi Protect, brings it all together.

While we secure many areas of the corporate environment, we don’t do so in silos. Unifi Protect is designed so that your security products all work together – and with the customer’s infrastructure, including third-party technologies – to provide more cohesive, automated defences. By taking a platform approach to security, Unifi Protect results in greater visibility, collaboration, and protection across all threat vectors, access points, and areas of your infrastructure. This reduces complexity while enabling a zero-trust security strategy.

To find out how Unifi Protect can help start protecting your business, contact us today

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