The future of work, security must not be a compromise.

Now, more than ever, you need secure and private cloud communications for your business

Are your secure communications ready for the new way of working?

As we start to settle into the reality that our working practices have changed forever, it is time to step back and reflect on secure communications and on what tools employees need to adopt this new future of work. Two things are certain; the adoption of cloud communications solutions will continue to grow, and organisations will require help to address these challenges.

This change of working practices may require a level of IT expertise a business doesn’t have or can’t burden on an already overstretched IT team. This is where Unifi comes in. We have developed the Unifi managed services solutions stack to help solve the challenges businesses are facing, which we call Unifi Collaborate; Connect and Protect. All services are available on a predictable, monthly subscription and are designed to give you the tools, infrastructure and security needed to adopt this new style of working.

Give your business simple, secure and scalable IT.

With the events of the last two months, organisations have recognised that all products are not developed, managed, or secured in the same way. They are rightly asking tough questions about the security, privacy, transparency and reliability of vendors and their solutions. This is another area that Unifi can help.

Some products have focused solely on user experience at the expense of anything else, especially security. Whilst these solutions are great for catching up with friends and family or virtual gin-tasting evenings, they can’t be considered as a serious business tool especially in industries that have compliance restrictions.

Unifi Collaborate, enterprise grade cloud telephony from the Webex cloud.

When developing Unifi Collaborate, Unifi’s priority was that our cloud-based telephony offering must provide multiple levels of security for all tasks and users, ranging from office-based employees to remote executives, and fully mobile users.

We asked ourselves questions like:

What decisions were made around security as the solution was developed?

Will the vendor alert me if there are potential vulnerabilities?

Does the vendor take sole responsibility for ensuring our customer’s data remains safe and private?

What plans are in place to ensure business continuity and availability of the solution?

Unifi Collaborate, Connect, Protect video.

This is why we have based Unifi Collaborate on the Cisco Webex platform as it sets the standards around security, privacy, transparency and reliability. These standards are at the core of Webex Calling and the Webex collaboration platform and at the heart of the solutions provided to our customers.

Cisco’s security standards are set out clearly in the Webex Calling security white paper, which details the tools, processes, and procedures that secure Webex Calling

Unifi’s secure cloud calling solution, Cisco Webex Calling.

Secure by default – Webex Calling has security built-in as a key foundational element. It is never the user’s responsibility to opt-out of sharing their data or change settings in order to be protected. Quality is measured not just by whether a product works, but how it works, and how it is secure. Security is built-in as a key foundational element, not an after-thought.

Transparent – Whenever vulnerabilities arise, it’s critical they are immediately addressed and proactively disclosed as soon as possible, when safe to do so. Cisco’s practice of disclosing security vulnerabilities – including those found during their own penetration testing – is baked into their approach.

Private – Webex Calling was built with respect for the privacy of your data in mind. Cisco takes user’s privacy very seriously and is at the core of the Webex Calling solution. Cisco are fully transparent on where data flows and have a robust program on data access. Furthermore, we tell you exactly where your data is going to be and will tell you if that ever changes.

Reliable – Webex Calling was designed from the ground up with reliability for customers in mind. The Cisco Webex collaboration platform provides twelve dedicated geographically redundant data centres on four continents to support Webex Calling services. This ensures that no matter what is taking place around the globe our customers can be confident that their critical business communications will remain up and running.


Unifi’s Collaborate, Connect, Protect is designed to allow you to run your business with simple, secure, scalable IT. Just choose the services you require to achieve your goals, more affordably than you might think. Whatever route you take, security, privacy, transparency, and reliability needs to be at the core of your decision-making criteria when choosing a cloud communications vendor.

From a security compliance perspective, we pretty much get audited by anything you can imagine. There are so many cloud services I can’t use as a law firm because of the restrictions I have for compliance. But we can use Webex for everything.

CIO of the law firm

Unifi Comms
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