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Having a choice of working remotely is now a key factor for many employees. Today’s challenging times have more of us working from home and our home offices are now an important part of our lives.

Unifi has been enabling effective #workfromhome practices for many years and we’d like to help businesses empower their employees, keep teams and teamwork connected anytime, anywhere and create secure virtual work spaces for everything, from completing short-term projects to solving longer-term business opportunities.

Remote Working

We are offering free Webex remote working solution. Our Webex offer can be deployed quickly and with no financial commitment. Try Webex for yourself!

Remote Work Best Practices.

To share some of today’s best practices for working remotely and from home, Cisco created a new Remote Work Area website that I hope you’ll visit.  It provides a wealth of information on collaboration technology, remote work best practices, leading a remote team, and more. You can also access online classes, how-to videos, adoption guides, and the Collaboration Community.

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