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If you’re still not using video, it’s time to turn it on.

We all know that strong business starts with strong relationships.

The Importance of Video.

We all know that strong business starts with strong relationships. Innovation, productivity, and growth depend on close ties we form with our teams, business partners, and customers. Video gives you that in-person feeling to help you build these strong working relationships. And strong relationships foster effective collaboration. Want to inspire innovation and improve productivity — even drive business growth? When you meet with video, you can. 

Before the age of tech connectedness, in-person meetings were the vehicle for developing working relationships. But in today’s world of remote teams and dispersed partners, they aren’t always possible. 

That’s why Unifi provide Cisco video meeting solutions. Unifi can make video simple and reliable. Virtual meetings that connect everyone for more engaged collaboration. And video makes meetings smooth, so you can focus on sharing ideas and getting things done. It’s just a meeting. 

To make your virtual meetings more effective, please see our 5 step guide to make your video conferencing meetings more productive and impactful. 

1. Be Authentic.

Technology makes it easier to connect with others, no matter the distance. But it can also feel like a barrier when it comes to building interpersonal relationships. The key is to invest a bit of time and treat people as actual people, not just voices or faces on a screen. 

You’ll get more participation if you follow these guidelines 

2. Put Technology to Work.

Look for collaboration solutions that are easy to use so you can focus on the meeting and not on the technology. Make sure face-to-face interaction is available through video – without it you miss important parts of the conversation like facial expressions and non-verbal feedback. 

The right way to use technology 

3. Communicate.

Meaningful communication can take many forms: one-to-one, team meetings, all-hands and training. If you ask a question and hear crickets, change your tactics. 

75% of users say video improves collaboration and productivity. Remember that you’re talking to real people. 

4. Play fair.

When the meetings are international, someone is invariably attending outside office hours. Giving people the option to participate from home via video provides them the advantages and flexibility of a face-to-face connection. 

5. Follow virtual meeting etiquette.

Whether you’re collaborating from across the globe or just from across the office, video-enabled virtual meetings offer flexibility, consistency and a higher level of cooperation. 

Think of them as traditional meetings with extra benefits. 

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