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Your PBX Is Holding Back Your Business.

Keeping what you have may seem like a safe choice on the surface. However, it may be far riskier to stay with an out-of-date and under performing PBX.

Why You Should Modernise It for Richer Collaboration.

Changing your communications system is a significant undertaking and often IT leaders cannot justify the budget required to “fix what isn’t broken.” Your traditional PBX has served you well, is working and continues to be supported and besides you only need it to make a phone call. So there is no need to rock the boat. Only when the equipment becomes end-of-life and the company can no longer find support or spare parts does budget become available. However, those who do move to IP find immediate benefits in employee engagement, increased customer satisfaction, reduced costs, and accelerated innovation and growth. Business leaders are often not aware of the benefits of moving all communications to the same IP platform. A single platform that allows Calling, Meetings and Messaging that is based in the cloud or on-premise to suit your requirements.  

Keeping what you have may seem like a safe choice on the surface. However, it may be far riskier to stay with an out-of-date and underperforming PBX. The longer you keep your PBX system, the greater your risks and costs, including: 

However, the most potentially damaging issue with your legacy PBX is that it just can’t keep pace with soaring demand for collaborative communications. To excel in today’s fast-paced world, businesses have to communicate and collaborate from anywhere, using any device, on any network in a cost-effective, reliable, and secure manner. 

Next Generation Collaboration Experience.

There are many reasons to leave an ageing PBX behind and entrust your communications to a system that supports the full range of collaboration services. Here are some of the most critical: 

Unifi has 15 years’ experience modernising organisations’ communications infrastructure to activate the full range of collaboration services, including: video, voice, meetings, IM and Presence, messaging, and mobility that Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) has to offer. 

How Much Can You Save with All IP Telephony?


Cisco IP Phones

Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD).

BYOD helps your organisation create adaptive workspaces that build productivity, business agility, security, and competitive advantage. Cisco Jabber provides a common feature base, regardless of the device or the operating system that is used. 

Cisco Jabber empowers IT to offer users a choice of devices to use for their work wherever they work most effective. Use both personal and company-issued mobile devices as a highly secure extension of your enterprise network. 

Integrate your Cisco collaboration experience into customer business processes by leveraging Cisco Jabber SDK capabilities. For example, you can see user availability from Sales force web interfaces and initiate IM, voice, video, or conferencing directly. 


Mobility provides superior collaboration experiences for effective, anywhere, on any device connectivity. Removing location as a limitation improves your business agility and opens up the possibility for new business opportunities. Enhanced mobility features available include: 


Video is an essential part of effective, natural collaboration. Only Cisco provides the breadth of applications and endpoints to make pervasive video a reality. 

Business to Business (B2B) / Remote Worker.

Collaboration solutions bring people and information together. Improved participation, inside and outside, the organization leads to increased productivity, simplified business processes and improved workflow. Cisco Expressway is the B2B and Remote Worker extension to Cisco Unified Communications Manager and provides the following. 

Operational Efficiency.

As the work environment evolves with mobile work styles and device choices, so do the options for using technology to improve your bottom line. You can still improve collaboration while reducing the total cost of IT ownership and adapting more quickly and flexibly to change. 

For More Information, contact Unifi Communications for the latest Cisco Unified Communications Manager upgrade offers. 

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