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Cisco Webex Meetings, satisfy your need for speed.

Meeting experience should be magical and flawless, so people can get to their objectives, create, ideate, discuss and accomplish their goals.

Join Cisco Webex meetings faster than ever!

With recent Cisco Webex Meetings enhancements it now takes just seconds and fewer steps to get into your Webex meeting. Whether you’re a regular Cisco Webex Meetings user or receiving a Webex invitation for the first time. Your join experience is now turbocharged as Cisco unveils the fastest Cisco Webex meeting join yet.

At Unifi we believe our collaboration technology paired with your device of choice, brings you many essential combinations to transform the way you work.

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Webex Meetings: the One-Click Meeting.

One of the key improvements, in the Cisco Webex Meetings join experience, is the audio and video selection step. This now happens before you enter the meeting. Plus it is launched much quicker. In a large preview window, you can easily choose to join audio muted or unmuted, video on or off, or using your favourite video device. Those preferences can be saved in the desktop app. The next time you can bypass the selection process altogether and go straight into the Cisco Webex meeting with just one click.

Simple, Complete Install for First-Time Users.

​Users who don’t already have desktop app can now install WebEx meetings with a new and easier installation process.

First-time users now have the simplicity of a single and fast install. This includes both the pre-meeting and in-meeting experience without any admin rights required. Clicking the join button from the invitation installs WebEx while simultaneously connecting to the meeting, so the process is fast and seamless. Join Meetings via web page or Web App if don’t want to or can’t download. Whatever the circumstances, joining WebEx meeting is only one click away.

Introducing the Big Green Button in Your Email Templates.

You will notice improvements to the WebEx Meetings join experience starting with the meeting invitation. This features new aesthetics that call your attention to the big green button. The new aesthetics support an easy-to-read, consistent look and feel regardless of how or from where the meeting is scheduled. Just click the big green join button from your meeting list or invitation email. Your system will know whether you have the desktop app installed and automatically launch it.

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