Meraki managed network services.

Centralised management of your Wi-Fi access points, switching, security, and security cameras. Unifi Connect eliminates the complexity of traditional architectures, reduces operating costs, and creates business solutions .

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Unifi Connect, cloud network management.

Smart wireless for a modern business.

Unifi manages your Cisco Meraki wireless network from the cloud. With a central point of control and powerful reporting analytics for your entire wireless network. Unifi pre-configures your Wi-Fi devices, so set up is as simple as installing the hardware and pushing down the configuration settings directly from Meraki’s dashboard.

There is no need for on-site configuration or cumbersome manual process to keep your Wi-Fi networks updated. With Cisco Meraki, Unifi can centrally manage your WAN, LAN, wireless LAN, and mobile device management. 

Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki Switching: simple, safe and smart.

Meraki business-grade access and aggregation switches provide the backbone for networks of every size. Simplified management, reduced complexity, robust performance, and network-wide visibility, control, and optimisation are combined with Unifi management.

Unifi will provide cost-effective troubleshooting of your network investment. The Meraki switches make use of all the bandwidth available – creating a resilient connection to the network core and forming the backbone for a network of any size.

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Cisco Meraki webinars include a live demo of this cloud management platform and you get a free Meraki access point for attending. Meraki could be a good match for you. You can sign up for a webinar here:

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Cisco Meraki Security Appliances: managed in the cloud.

Cisco Meraki security appliances provide comprehensive security in a single box with next-gen firewall, integrated intrusion prevention (IPS), content filtering, cloud-brokered VPN, malware protection, high availability, and integrated SD-WAN provide high performance, low costs, and central management.

With Cisco Meraki’s dashboard, you can keep track of all of your security appliances using, monitor bandwidth consumption, networked clients, and application usage. Security policies can be instantly applied to the entire network, for a better performance and user experience.

Meraki cameras – smart video surveillance .

Simplify security camera deployments with easy setup, configuration, and central management of all cameras via the Meraki Dashboard. Advanced surveillance camera features provide all the physical site security your business needs.

The indoor and outdoor networked cameras are exceptionally simple to deploy and configure, due to their integration into the Meraki Dashboard and their use of cloud augmented edge storage. Eliminate the complex and costly hardware required by traditional solutions, thereby removing the limitations typically placed on video surveillance deployments.

Meraki Cameras

Why Cisco Meraki through Unifi.

There’s no upfront capital investment – so you can invest your capital elsewhere.

A fully managed turnkey solution – with no tricky configuration needed.

Pay-as-you-go rental equipment – that can be scaled as your business grows.

Simple to deploy and manage, our wired and wireless networks scale with you .

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