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Webex Calling enhanced with Dubber Call Recording.

Cisco Webex Calling is a fully hosted UC solution that sits completely in the cloud: enabling you to make, receive and record calls on your desktop and mobile devices, wherever you are.

Simple Dubber call recording.

Dubber call recording has been added to the Cisco Webex platform. This addresses business requirements to capture call details for different retention purposes or to comply with regulations. The Cisco and Dubber partnership provides a robust and secure Cloud Call Recording solution.

As Webex Calling is a Cloud solution, it is not necessary to install any hardware to activate Call Recording.

Cloud Call Recording that is Simple and Secure.

The Webex Calling Call Recording solution is fully integrated with the Cisco Webex Calling app as well as with MPP phones. This provides easy-to-access Call Recording control buttons.

Customers just need to have a Dubber account in order to use Webex Calling Call Recording.

At user-level it is possible to enable the Call Recording feature and control the moment calls get recorded: always or always with pause and resume. There are options to play announcements as well as to play beep tones as a reminder that the call his being recorded.

Call recording from Cisco phone or Webex calling app.

These settings allow for total customization of the end-user experience. Indeed, the end-user will be able to control the recording from MPP phones as well as from the Webex Calling App. The end-user will also be able to play the recordings using the Dubber Cloud portal.

This new feature offered by Cisco Webex Calling will enable businesses to meet their own market needs, comply with the specific Country regulations about Call Recording and help improve staff training or for quality monitoring. Many businesses need to record the calls they have whether it’s for compliance, security. You can ensure you have an application that suits your needs.

Features at a Glance.

The Dubber partnership with Cisco connects Dubber users with their phone data, allowing our call recording solution to create ground-breaking new ways of accessing the Big Voice data. The Dubber platform therefore has all the traditional functionality of call recording, and so much more.

About Dubber.

Dubber is the world’s most scalable call recording service that enables users to record, save, replay and interact with their calls like never before. Dubber’s call recording from a native cloud platform has revolutionised telephony technology. Its unlimited scalability, no upfront costs and true SaaS offering enables service providers and customers to use and benefit from call recording software like never before.

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