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Your network infrastructure is at the heart of your business. Without the right IT Network in place you will not be able to adopt the technologies that can give your business real competitive advantage. So, whether it is Unified Communications, site to site voice and data connectivity or high speed Internet connectivity, Unifi's IT Network Solutions can deliver a cost-efficient, secure and reliable network, that is robust and adaptive enough to support new solutions that enhance productivity, reduce energy, strengthen security and drive agility.

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Unifi can advise on the best Voice Solutions for your business to help you save money as well as helping you communicate better with colleagues, customers and partners. Our wide range of phones systems can offer you the best value whether based on VoIP or traditional voice technologies.

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Wireless Networks

Wireless Networks are becoming crucial for businesses big and small with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) being one of the biggest IT trends in many years. BYOD is creating sweeping changes in the way devices are used in workplaces world over.

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Routing and Switching

Routing and switching solutions form the foundation of any network providing the platform to enable business critical services and technology innovations. Unifi's Cisco Routing and Switching solutions provide a network that connects people, information, and devices securely, reliably, and seamlessly.

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Internet Connectivity

Unifi offers a range of reliable Internet Connectivity and Data Solutions to your business to the Internet and link your offices and home workers together, helping you to improve flexibility and reduce cost. We provide, install and manage networks for our customers, giving fast, reliable and secure network usage.

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SIP Trunks

SIP Trunks are used to carry telephone calls over the Internet and save money on line rentals and call costs. Using Voice over IP (VoIP) protocols supported by all the Cisco Phone Systems supplied by Unifi. SIP Trunks are a key component of Unifi's Unified Communications offerings.

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Network Security

Because small and medium-sized businesses often lack the IT resources of large companies, your network security may not be sufficient to protect your business from today's sophisticated Internet threats. Unifi can help safeguard your valuable data and information.

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Flexible Working

Flexible Working Solutions allow staff remote access to your systems and resources to save money, improve employee moral, and increase your customer responsiveness.

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Managed Support Services

Unifi offer Managed Support Services tailored to meet the IT and Telephony support requirements of your business. Our Support Services give you access to our certified Cisco Unified Communications and networking engineers who can provide expert diagnosis and resolution of your equipment issues quickly and...

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Hosted Desktop

Unifi's Hosted Desktop Service is ideal for small to medium sized businesses with limited or no IT resource. It delivers all computing requirements that a user requires to perform their job to any location and any device.

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Cisco Business Phone Systems

Unifi provide Cisco Business Phone Systems for businesses of all sizes. Whatever your size or budget, Unifi can supply a business phone system to suit your requirements from basic voice through to full blown contact centre capability.

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